About Jessie

I started this journey without even knowing it. My great grandmother was an artist & interior designer. She also had a huge influence on who I am today. I had no idea how much I took after her(even though half my family reminded me on a regular basis that my crazy, free spirited antics reminded them of her), until my precious daughter came into this world. I was so enthralled in designing her nursery; I'd have dreams of the layout, draw diagrams, stay up late crafting & so on. Before I knew it, it was time to plan her very first, very important birthday party. My party planning behavior mirrored the former nursery designing days. I was in love, so much so, that when it was all over with, I was devastated. I wanted more. I began volunteering for friends and family, just to scratch that itch, that was always begging to be scratched. At the end of each party, I would just sit and bathe in my complete exhaustion. It was the good kind of exhaustion, that felt so rewarding. I was able to use my creativity and design skills (thanks Granny) & my complete type A, control freak personality(thanks Mom) to create such wonderfully-organized parties. My husband always would tell me that this was my niche; wedding and party planning. I just didn't have the confidence to act on it yet. I'd tell him no one would take a young mom serious. On a whim though, I looked into certification courses in Meeting & Event Planning at USF. I casually mentioned it to my wonderful-but at times unrealistic husband; and there was no turning back. He's my balance, the ying to my yang. I always look for ways something could go wrong (not a bad quality in a well prepared planner) and he always thinks everything will work out. When I wrote my business plan, my goal was to own and operate my own wedding and event coordination and design business & write a blog on budget advice for a DIY bride. I'm up and running & I can't believe what a beautiful whirlwind this process has been. I can't wait to see where it carries me.